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Programmable Communications

Proximus FlexIO

Rent numbers in seconds and integrate voice and messaging in your applications. Use the Visual Designer or REST APIs

TelcoNewEarly access

Empower your CRM platforms

Voice Callout API

Trigger voice calls from any number that you own in your Proximus fixed phone subscription to any number in Belgium with a simple to use API


Rented numbers

Rented numbers

Offer more privacy to your online marketplace customers or to your employees by dynamically allocating temporary phone numbers


Application to People Messaging


Interact with or notify humans or machines using long or short messages via SMS. Let your customers send SMSs to your applications to initiate new transactions.


Measure your net promoter score

Customer Survey API

Collect and measure your customer satisfaction in a very simple way by measuring the Net Promoter Score. Surveys can be sent via SMS and voice calls.


Switch your phone's profile

Fixed Mobile Unification API

As a Proximus FMU customer, integrate the switching of your users' phone profiles in your own processes


Measure your audience live

Real Time Crowd Management

Monitor the crowd and anticipate to improve the experience of your event.


Manage your LoRaWAN things easily

MyThings API

A powerful collection of API for owners of a Proximus MyThings contract


Start experimenting LoRaWAN


Activate 5 devices for free on the Proximus LoRaWAN network in support to your academic or maker projects


Smart integration of your data flows


Ingest data from various sources and transform it using scripting before sending out to your on-prem or in the cloud systems

IOTEarly access

Control your M2M SIM cards

M2M Cockpit API

Integrate the management of your M2M SIM cards, like activation and deactivation, using simple REST API.


Get the most of your NBIoT traffic

NBIoT integrations

Integrate the management of your M2M SIM cards, like activation and deactivation, using simple REST API.

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