Voice Callout API

Enable click2call functionality in any application, independent of your telephony infrastructure

The Voice Callout API allows you to dialout from any application using your Proximus fixed connectivity.

Use cases can range from a simple click-to-call button in your CRM, to a remote office tool allowing your employees to dialout using any of your company numbers, masking their direct phone number.

Voice Call Out API allows you to

Launch a call from any application

You can integrate calls in your own application. Calling out can be automated based on triggers (e.g. an alert can trigger both an SMS and a subsequent call to a predefined contact). Click-to-call buttons in a web application or a call-me-back feature can easily be implemented.

Use any of your company's telephone numbers

The API allows you to dialout from any of your own Proximus fixed numbers (professional customers only). The number on which your employee will make the call will be shielded from the callee.

Using your existing voice plans

The API itself is free of charge. Any call will be treated as part of your regular fixed telephony plan and will appear on your normal invoice and reporting.

How does it work

Make sure you have a fixed voice contract with Proximus and an API Solutions account. Please note this service is only available to Proximus Enteprise customers and will not work for residential customers.

Contact us to subscribe to the service as we need to manually configure the service for you

Start making calls from your application. Alternatively, you can find our Voice Callout API integrated into some of our existing Proximus services such as #Interact in which case you just need to copy your EnCo API credentials into the appropriate configuration screen of the relevant service.

More information

Do you need more information, a demo? Would you like us to help you get started, or even develop the complete solution for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us by filling in the form on our contact us page.

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