Voice Managed Services

Voice Managed Services: embed voice calls in your business processes

With Voice Managed Services (VMS), customers can easily implement intelligent routing or business continuity features on their existing voice lines.

On top of that, VMS offers out-of-the box contact center features with queuing, skill based routing, and an optional agent desktop interface, as well as a mobile and web voice client, which can help companies deal with inbound & outbound phone calls from any location.

Instead of using a geographical number, you can easily add Freephone or non-geographical numbers (0800-078) or Premium numbers (070-090x)

VMS Key features

Business continuity for your telephony

When disaster strikes, your company's reachability is at stake. With VMS, you can implement a recovery solution at the very entrance of your voice calls, covering for any or a combination of the following disasters: local power failure, device failures, connectivity failures, or other incidents that generate a peak load on your telephony infrastructure.

Not only can you inform your callers of your situation, you can reroute and eventually filter inbound calls to alternative destinations

Interactive menus, routing, queuing and recording

With VMS, you can easily implement simple interactive voice menus, using a visual designer, and route calls based on your business needs (time-of-day, origin, menu choices).

You can quickly setup a contact center with skill based routing, queuing, and optional desktop management & agent interface, as well as recording and supervisor capabilities (eg. listen-in and whispering)

VMS Use cases

Voice alarming or guard services

Being independent of any calling infrastructure, VMS is an ideal solution to implement a stand alone guard service, where users simply login via their mobile phone (with our without webphone application), to start receiving calls

It can also be used to distribute emergency messages by phone, making sure people confirm reception of this emergency communication.

Disaster Recovery or migration facilitator

Being able to reroute incoming voice call on any Proximus number, VMS is the most reliable disaster recovery solution available. It is also typically used to ease the migration from one telephony infrastructure to another, or serve as temporary PBX replacement.

Permanent or popup call center

VMS call center solutions can be set-up in a matter of hours, and can also as backup or temporary/popup call center environment.

Related Solutions

NextGen Voice & Voicemail

These numbers can be easily combined with the NextGen Voicemail offering, specialised in handling missed calls, proposing callback, voicemail2email or messaging deflection capabilities.

Alternatively, with the NextGen Voice Service, you can easily build advanced self-service applications with speech-to-text-to-speech capabilities, as well as advanced application integrations.

#Interact messaging

Similar to voice routing, #Interact can easily add omnichannel messaging capabilities, including web chat, SMS, WhatsApp, RCS and many more.

You can easily deflect incoming voice calls to messaging conversations, making it more easy for your employees to follow-up on missed calls, while being less intrusive compared to calling your customers back.


If you do not have a telephony infrastructure or cloud solution, you can deliver calls directly to a mobile app or desktop browser.

When your data connectivity is insufficient, we'll just forward your calls to your mobile number, making sure you don't miss any call.

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