Application to People or People to Applications

Let your applications interact with humans thru SMS messages, not only in Belgium but all over the world. Whether it's a simple reminder message, the confirmation of a delivery or having the customer initiate the conversation by ask for your services, SMS messaging is just a few API calls away.

The SMS API allows you to

Send SMS

You can send single or multi-part messages and track their sending and delivery status in real-time thanks to callback URLs. Our SMS API does also support the sending of binary messages, especially useful for IoT and connected machinery projects.

Receive SMS

Reserved keywords in seconds to enable the reception of SMSs on our shared short number (8937). If you prefer, you can reserved your own short code number and thereby skip over using keywords in your messages. For chatbot projects over SMS, this is a must.

Set your own brand identity

By default, all messages are sent using our shared short number (8937). If you prefer your own number, you can request for a dedicated short number. Long numbers are also possible under specific conditions.

How it works

Sign up on the Trial or Free plan to test the APIs, once ready for production just upgrade to the Premium Plan

Configure your callback URL(s) to track your messages' status or receive your inbound SMSs in realtime in your applications

Use our keyword API to reserve and manage keywords for your inbound messages

Need help?

Do you need more information about this particular product, would you like Proximus to help you get started or even develop the complete solution for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us by filling in the form on our Contact Us page.

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