A2P & Conversational SMS

Notify or interact with your customers or machines via SMS

Let your applications interact with humans or machines through SMS. Send a simple reminder message, confirmation a delivery, start a business process via SMS, or start a customer conversation.

Use shared or dedicated SMS shortcodes, or make use of a Belgian long number, also supporting conversational use cases to foreign destinations.

The SMS API allows you to

Send SMS

Send single or multi-part messages and track their status in real-time. Our SMS API also supports the sending of binary messages, especially useful for IoT and connected machinery. Contact us for access to our bulk SMS web interface.

Receive SMS

Reserve keywords to receive SMS on our shared short number (8937) or rent your own short number to protect your brand identity and skip using keywords in your messages.

Have an SMS conversation

Because SMS is a truly universal messaging standard (any device, no mobile internet required), it is perfectly suited for customer conversations. Contact us for more information on our exclusive conversational SMS offering for the Belgian market.

How does it work

Sign up on the free plan and and start sending your messages after verification of your identity. Even if you go for the Premium plan, there are no setup or fixed fees. We will help you on your way if needed.

Send your API requests from your application and start sending messages right away from our shared shortcode. Configure your callback URL(s) to track your messages' delivery status.

Register your callback URI and receive quick replies on outgoing messages, even on our shared short code. In the Premium plan: reserve your keyword via our API, use a dedicated short code or request a conversational SMS number in combination with #Interact.

Related Solutions

Send an SMS after an inbound phone call

With FlexIO, you can automate incoming phonecalls, and send any information/confirmation to your callers via SMS. Build your own vocal FAQ bot, and send links to detailed articles on your website.

You can also deflect incoming voicecalls to an SMS conversation: easier and less costly to manage.

Start SMS conversations with your employees

With #Interact, unlock conversational messaging for all your customer facing employees on any channel.

Configure an SMS and WhatsApp number for each of your branches, and improve your reachability.

Automate SMS conversations or campaigns

Launch SMS campaigns or start an SMS conversation from any other application (Genesys, Chatlayer, Naxai, CRM applications, HR applications, ticketing applications).

More information

Do you need more information, a demo? Would you like us to help you get started, or even develop the complete solution for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us by filling in the form on our contact us page.

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