Renting or masking numbers

Make business online in full privacy

Our Rented Number API is designed to make it easy for you to get a temporary number. Typically the number will be in use for a few days or a few weeks before it is recycled.

For marketplaces, it allows users publicly advertising for goods and services to protect their real number and replace it with a temporary one for the duration of the transaction. Also, it allows the marketplaces to track their performance by getting insights into the amount of leads and calls they have generated for a certain transaction.

The solution is also ideal for service companies that have field technicians that wish to be reachable from customers without revealing their direct company line or personal mobile phone number.

Rented Numbers allows you to

Book temporary numbers

You can automatically book a number and assign it to any valid number. This would typically be integrated into a customer journey, i.e. an end user would book it as a value added service on a marketplace or an SMS would be sent to a customer containing the number on which their technician can be reached the day of the intervention.

Limit abuse with standard call packages

The service is designed with various standard voice call packages in order to avoid any abuse and make it very simple to integrate into your business flows. A package will define the amount of calls and minutes that are allowed on a given rented number.

Get clear usage reporting

The APIs allow you to get detailed insights into the amount of calls that have been made on a given number. This can be exposed to the end user so that he gets a clear report on the calls received. It can also be used as an additional data point. If associated with data on the context in which the numbers were used, it can give valuable input for service optimisation.

How it works

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Book and release numbers with APIs. Grow and shrink as you need, no commitment on volume requested!

Pay per use based on the amount of numbers booked and the associated voice package

More information

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