0900 & 070 numbers

Premium numbers including collection

If you want to offer a telephony service and would like the phone operator to charge your customers for you, you can request a 070 or 090x number. Each type of service is linked to a certain type of number and a specific rate.

Proximus can act as a "collecting operator" for any service you wish to offer via 070 or 090x numbers. Please be aware these numbers come with a 070-090x code of conduct!

If you are not looking for a retribution model, check out our offering on geographical (VMS), non-geographical (078), and freephone (0800) numbers.

Costs & Retribution model

Retribution model

In accordance with the applicable laws and the code of conduct, you will receive the collected amounts from all Belgian callers. These amounts are determined between all Belgian operators, regardless of the call volume.

Cost Model

You will be charged for using the Proximus platform that makes this collection possible and for routing the calls. Different rates are applicable depending on the type and volume of usage generated.

Related Solutions

NextGen Voice & Voicemail

These numbers can be easily combined with the NextGen Voicemail offering, specialised in handling missed calls, proposing callback, voicemail2email or messaging deflection capabilities.

Alternatively, with the NextGen Voice Service, you can easily build advanced self-service applications with speech-to-text-to-speech capabilities, as well as advanced application integrations.

#Interact messaging

Similar to voice routing, #Interact can easily add omnichannel messaging capabilities, including web chat, SMS, WhatsApp, RCS and many more.

You can easily deflect incoming voice calls to messaging conversations, making it more easy for your employees to follow-up on missed calls, while being less intrusive compared to calling your customers back.


If you do not have a telephony infrastructure or cloud solution, you can deliver calls directly to a mobile app or desktop browser.

When your data connectivity is insufficient, we'll just forward your calls to your mobile number, making sure you don't miss any call.

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