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Taking care of your callers when you can't

Not answering phone calls negatively affects your customer KPIs, causing frustration, directly impacting CSAT, and creating a perception of unresponsiveness and unreliability, which, in turn affects customer NPS. Customers exert more effort to reach the company, deteriorating CES.

Did you know that 20 to 60% of calls remain unanswered? Still, standard voicemail systems are considered a burden for the users, an annoyance for callers, and a blind spot in your omnichannel customer interaction strategy. NextGen voicemail can handle any missed call of a company, whether on general company numbers, personal fix or personal mobile numbers.

NextGen voicemail value

Covering both general and personal calls

Shared voicemails, behind IVR, hunt groups or call center queues

Don't let your customers hang forever, but give them a decent alternative. With the NextGen voicemail, you can easily capture voice messages, propose callback requests, or integrate in any 3rd party application using REST APIs.

Take care of missed calls on the fix and mobile numbers of your employees

With the NextGen voicemail, you can facilitate your employees in better handling missed calls, while standardising voicemail greetings, supporting your commercial and employer brand. You can implement it on any fix or Proximus mobile number.

Features for general/shared company numbers

Simple message or voice menu

For shared/general numbers, you can easily build a mono or mulilingual simple message or voice menu.

You can integrate a company jingle, followed by a multilingual welcome message (text-to-speech or custom audio file), add an optional speech menu (one level), and a closing prompt.

Using only the speech capabilities, you can build a simple FAQbot by typing your questions & answers via a simple web interface.

Send custom email messages

Send an email to a predefined mailbox for each call, or on the caller's demand. Typical use cases include callback requests, document requests. Choose between a custom plain text or html mail, or use a predefined template.

When you choose to record a message, a link to the recording can be included in your custom mail, as well as a link to a universal web player. You can also choose to include a transcript of the recording.

integrate applications using REST APIs

Send any JSON POST/GET request with or without custom authentication headers to any API endpoint of your choice.

Use cases include delivering callback requests or voicemail messages to any REST-enabled application, like #Interact, CRM or other contact-center applications.

Alternatively, use these APIs to send an SMS message to either the caller (eg. link to your website, contact details) or one of your employees (missed call notification)

Features for personal numbers

Voicemail To Email & Omnichannel capabilities

Deliver your voicemail messages to your email address, including the message transcript, and get rich SMS notifications (including caller name, message duration, urgency). For shared voicemail boxes: integrate with #Interact to deflect voice calls to conversational messaging

Proximus customers can simply try it out via this link.

Advanced business features

Activate a different greeting message for your personal and professional contacts, let your callers flag urgent messages, or make use of the integrated out-of-office and backup feature.

Do you have an assistant that is managing your email inbox? You can now also delegate your voicemail settings and messages.

Integrate & align with your brand

As a company, use your corporate voicemail solution to strengthen your commercial or employer brand, by providing custom multilingual voicemail texts, or corporate jingles. We also brand the web and mail templates to your house style.

You can even insert temporary messages, or send information SMSes from the fix & mobile voicemail of all your employees, to announce an event, or provide the customer with more information.

Sweetspot user profiles

Sales management & staff

Offer your sales staff the right to disconnect, while making sure your customer is answered in a professional way (eg. voicemail backup during out-of-office).

Offer your acccount manager a mobile note taking function, that delivers their transcribed memo via email.

Managers and assistants

As a manager, let your personal assistant follow-up on voice mail messages and settings.

strengthen your brand for professional contacts, while keeping your personal contacts outside the business context.

Field workers & engineers

Integrate escalation and servicing flows in your employee’s mobile numbers, and let them better respond to urgencies.

Get more insights in your customer journey with the integrated reporting.

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