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Get to know your customer better through Proximus MyAnalytics

These days it's more important than ever to gain an insight into your customers or visitors. Proximus MyAnalytics offers you those insights thanks to analyses and reports based on location data. MyAnalytics is a Location Insight Services (LIS) portal, based on Proximus mobile network in Belgium, showing footfall on mobile antenna level.

Fields of application

There are myriad fields of application. For example, the tourist industry, retail sector, mobility sector, advertising world and public authorities all stand to benefit from this new technology.

The solutions Visitor Analytics, Event Analytics & Journey Analytics generate analyses and reports based on location data that provide an answer to your key questions:

  • How many people visit your event or town? How many people pass in the vicinity of your shop or restaurant?
  • Where do visitors come from? Where do they sleep over?
  • How many people move to your city during that specific extended weekend and what access roads do they use?

Using MyAnalytics

MyAnalytics solutions are not currently available as API. They are accessible as consumable reports and dashboards from the MyAnalytics website.

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