Enabling makers and academics to test the Proximus LoRaWAN network

LoRa4Makers is an easy entry door to the Proximus LoRaWAN network. Makers and academic users can conveniently develop their LoRaWAN prototypes and connect these to our national network at no charge. Access to the network is offered for a period of 4 months, enough time to validate the development of your prototypes.

LoRa4Makers allows you to

Onboard up to 5 devices

With LoRa4Makers, you can activate up to 5 LoRaWAN devices on our national network at no cost. Just sign up and get started. LoRa4Makers will remain active for 4 months before being automatically disabled.

Retrieve your devices' data

Use CloudEngine to retrieve your devices' data. With the Cloudengine Trial plan, coming at no charges, you will have enough script execution allowance to retrieve 288 messages per day for 5 devices

How it works

Simply subscribe to the LoRa4Makers Plan and you are ready to go.

Use the LoRa4makers microsite or our REST APIs to onboard your devices. Please note that LoRa4Makers only offer supports for ABP devices. Devices can be created as generic or "AllThingsTalk LoRaWAN RDK" for which we will provide payload decoding.

Susbcribe to CloudEngine Trial plan to start retrieving your device and sensor data. The scripting capabilities of CloudEngine can be used to decode your device messages before forwarding the data to your application environment.


Virginie Van den Schrieck, senior lecturer, Ephec

Lora4Makers is the ideal tool to introduce the world of IoT to our Computer Science Technology students. In a few days, with a starter kit, they can design a complete IoT system. The Lora4Makers platform allows them to easily connect their IoT sensors to the LoRaWan network, and, via the CloudEngine, to then transmit the data to their information visualization web application.

More information

Do you need more information, a demo? Would you like us to help you get started, or even develop the complete solution for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us by filling in the form on our contact us page.

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