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Voice deflection and conversational messaging improves your effiency and customer experience

Customer interactions via conversational messaging are easier to manage than phone or email interactions. On top of that, messaging channels have a higher reach, and customer expectations that are easier to fulfill.

#Interact unlocks messaging for all your customer facing employees, supports outbound campaigns, inbound voice deflection, automation and application integrations.

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Conversational messaging can solve your customer interaction challenges

Deflect and spread your incoming phone calls

Customers expect you to be reachable, but your employees can't always answer the phone in time.

Deflect your incoming phone calls to messaging and avoid customer frustration and stressed employees.

Improve the answer rate of your outbound campaigns

Consumer, and business communication has shifted from voice to messaging. More and more people no longer answer phone calls from unknown numbers.

Messaging channels deliver your message in a less intrusive way, are more likely to be read, and can be replied to at your customer's convenience.

Enrich the customer journey in local branches

With conversational messaging and a chat bot, you can help your customer, while standing in line.

At no extra cost, you can follow-up on their visit, with an NPS survey, a promotional offer, or enable your customer to ask a question to your local branches' employee.

#Interact supports your omnichannel strategy

Interact with your customers on the channels they prefer

#Interact supports SMS, WhatsApp for Business, RCS, web chat , Facebook messenger, and custom channels (eg. self-developed mobile apps). All channels can be used for notifications, conversations, and campaigns.

With SMS hyperlink invitations, you can even invite users to a web conversation, after they've closed their browser.

Route interactions to the right employees

Every campaign or inbound conversation can be routed to one or more employees. They can also call out to the customer from within the #Interact interface (eg. callback requests).

With the #Interact offload-API, any other application can initiate a new customer conversation and route it to the correct bot or employee, providing them with all the context they need.

Launch campaigns and automate conversations

#Interact supports campaigns on any channel, using predefined templates to personalize for each recipient. Each campaign can be routed to a bot or specific employees. With the campaign API, any application can add contacts to a predefined campaign.

#Interact also offers an open bot API, which allows to plugin any AI/ML bot solution, or integrate backend applications to support fully automated business processes .

What makes #Interact unique?

Made for Belgium

#Interact is a Proximus owned solution, made specifically for the Belgian mid-size market, with unique features and price mechanisms.

The combination of true conversational SMS, campaign channel fallback, web chat invitations via SMS, IVR deflection, and RCS make #Interact a unique toolkit for any company.

Truly open architecture

Instead of building a closed all-in-one SaaS solution, #Interact is an API-first, open messaging orchestrator.

It allows to connect any channel, any bot, and to start conversations from any other application (eg. CRM/ticketing/IVR)

No expensive contact center licenses

Typical omnichannel tools are made for contact center environments, and so is their licensing mechanism, making it way too expensive to deploy on a larger scale.

#Interact unlocks omnichannel communication for all your customer facing employees, in all your branches, at a lower cost.

#Interact goes hand in hand with


In combination with #Interact, you can make use of a unique conversational SMS offer, with a specific pricing for the Belgian market, and making use of mobile long numbers. Contact us for more information!

Voice Callout API

The Voice Callout API is embedded in #Interact, which allows users to escalate a messaging conversation to a voice call, using any of the company's fixed numbers (hiding the user's direct extension)

NextGen voicemail

You can easily create callback requests, voicemail transcripts, or deflect voice calls to messaging channels via our NextGen voicemail solution, if your own IVR does not support the required REST APIs.

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