FlexIO Voice CPaaS

Programmable Communications

With Proximus FlexIO, the CPaaS platform from Proximus, digital and agile enterprises can easily integrate programmable communication and end-user interactions in their applications and business processes. Developers will find a rich set of REST APIs to integrate, while business users will be able to quickly develop communication use cases using the Visual Designer.

FlexIO also offers some ready-to-use turnkey applications, such as the FlexIO Voicemail solution: a true converged fix & mobile voicemail solution with voicemail to email and other smart features.

Proximus FlexIO allows you to

Create voice servers

From a simple traditional IVR to more sophisticated voice bots or voice servers integrated with your CRM, WFM and other business processes. FlexIO includes access to Speech to Text and Text to Speech from well-known providers such as Google, Amazon Polly, Acapela and voice RSS.

Level-up security and privacy

Integrate 2 factor authentication in minutes in your website or applications, or implement number masking sessions to prevent the disclosure of employee or customer's real phone numbers

Create outbound campaigns

Let your applications reach out to customers and partners via messaging or by initiating outbound voice calls. Track the effectiveness of your actions by retrieving your communications logs or by interacting with callees via Speech to Text, Text to Speech and DTMF.

How it works

Reserve your phone number(s) on the platform. We cover all prefix zones in Belgium

Non-developers can use our Visual Designer to create inbound and outbound voice scenarios

Developers will use our REST APIs and RCML data structures to build simple to complex voice and messaging scenarios

Customer testimonials

Jonas Zaman, Product Owner, ORIS nv

Together with Proximus, CIB Vlaanderen (representing the Flemish Real Estate sector) is bringing significant improvements to the business of Property Management. By relying on stable, secure and real time communication building blocks which are invoked by using API, we are creating better user experience: Property managers are now engaging with their clients on a more efficient and flexible way thanks to the smart interactive voice response system and many other services offered by Proximus.

More information

Do you need more information, a demo? Would you like us to help you get started, or even develop the complete solution for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us by filling in the form on our contact us page.

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