NextGen Voice Service

Improving reachability & operational efficiency with voice bots

The Proximus NextGen Voice service specialises in handling missed calls, speech driven voice menus, deflecting voice calls to messaging, and custom voice solutions, either in a Pay As You Use or License based price model.

NextGen Voice natively integrates with Ring Ring & Enco SMS services, #Interact, and can trigger any REST-API to integrate with other 3rd party applications.

Common use cases: automated attendant transferring calls 24/7 to departments or individual employees, extensive question-answer modules, sending information using SMS on demand, deflecting calls to voicemail, callback or SMS

How does it work

Build your flow

Build your own flow using a simple web interface, or let us build it for you in managed service mode, including custom speech models supporting specific vocabulary such as medical/technical terms, or individual's names

Deliver calls to your flow

You can deliver your calls to the NextGen voice service via VMS, a standard public call transfer, marketing number (078, 0800 or geographic number)), premium numbers (090), or private sip trunk.

Transfer calls from your flow

You can easily transfer calls back to your own telephony environment, making use of our outbound call feature, a VMS/marketing number transfer, or private SIP trunk, depending on your call volume and destination.

Use case examples

Handling missed calls

Don't let your customers wait, and integrate voice to email or callback requests in any existing hunt group/IVR solution and send these to any shared mailbox, or other application using REST-APIs.

Take it to the next level with Proximus #Interact, delivering these in a user interface, and allowing to continue the conversation via SMS or WhatsApp.

Integrate language choices, SMS notifications, and multilingual transcript capabilities to your liking.

Simple Self Service

Whether sending an SMS with a link to your website, web chat support, address information, driving directions, opening hours, you can help your customers get the information they need.

Looking for a simple automated answers to commonly asked questions? Let us develop your FAQbot for you, and reduce the number of unnecessary calls to your employees.

Guard Service

If you're looking for a shared number that forwards incoming calls to the employee 'on guard', this application is for you!

While your employee will see the phone number of your customer who is calling the guard service, your employee's phone number will remain private, even when calling back the customer to follow-up on the specific phonecall.

This simple script allows you to schedule the current, and the next guard, and allows you to specify a switchover moment.

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