Customer Survey API

Easily measure your NPS score

How do you know if you are meeting your customers’ expectations? The Net Promoter Score is a simple way to measure satisfaction by identifying promoters and detractors from your customers. With our Customer Survey API based on the NPS, you can easily and automatically collect feedback, track your performance and quickly implement solutions based on actionable data. Try new offerings, test the impact of new features or resolve most common sources of customer dissatisfaction.

Customer Survey API allows you to

Manage your surveys

The API allows you to create as many surveys as you wish with multilingual support.

Send your surveys and collect feedback

Once your surveys are defined you can automatically send your surveys based on a specific trigger, for example when a product or service is delivered, when an invoice is sent or after a customer support action was undertaken. The survey can be sent via SMS or via a regular telephone call, the feedback collection is fully automated.

Track performance

You can query your satisfaction scores as much as you wish and integrate the data into your own reporting systems.

How it works

Sign up on the Free plan to test the APIs, once ready for production just upgrade to the Premium Plan

Define which services you want to survey and when. Configure the surveys and integrate with your own systems like a CRM, ticketing or ERP system thanks to our REST APIs.

Let the system run and query results to follow the performance. Add new surveys or optimize the existing ones by adding a new channel or augmenting the dispatching frequency.

Need help?

Do you need more information about this particular product, would you like Proximus to help you get started or even develop the complete solution for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us by filling in the form on our Contact Us page.

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