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Who are we?

The Enco marketplace is the only place to find APIs to Proximus' core assets. You will find APIs connecting to our voice, SMS, IoT, and location based services.

On top of these low-level APIs, you will also find innovative turnkey applications in the field of customer interactions and programmable communication (voice and messaging)

Don't hesitate to contact us in case you don't find what you're looking for, or would like to discuss your project with us.

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Our main API domains


Effectively interact with your customers by integrating voice and SMS capabilities in your business applications


Get aggregated or individual (opt-in) location information within Belgium


Connect your LoRaWAN, M2M and NBIoT devices to your own or public applications


Integrate your IoT data in your environments or tap into our mobile statistic big data to count people in geographic regions.

Highlighted APIs and solutions


Customer interactions via conversational messaging

#Interact by Proximus

Enable omnichannel conversational messaging for all your customer facing employees, and Improve your operational efficiency and customer experience.


SMS from and to your applications


Send or receive SMS messages from your applications, or start SMS conversations with your customers

TelcoEarly access

Custom built managed voice applications

NextGen Voice Service

The Proximus NextGen Voice Service is a managed service offering custom built voice applications, supporting text to speech, speech recognition, biometrics, and advanced application integrations


Proximus Marketing or Service Numbers

Marketing Numbers (0800, 090x, 070, 078)

Proximus marketing or service numbers will be linked to an existing fixed or mobile number. You can manage the routing of calls to this number based on opening hours, call origin, language, etc. to offer the best customer interactions


Handling missed calls in style

NextGen Voicemail

NextGen Voicemail delivers fix and mobile voicemails to your email, adds business features, and can support your commercial/employer brand.


Managing your LoRaWAN things

MyThings API

A powerful collection of API for owners of a Proximus MyThings contract

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What is an API?

An application programming interface or API is a set of definitions that enable various software systems to interact easily with one another. Thanks to an API, you can now find ways to simplify your processes and business models.

traxgo blog

Traxgo sends real-time alerts via SMS

Traxgo uses the Proximus M2M network and the SMS API service of Proximus EnCo to support their track-and-trace solutions


Goodplanet measures environmental impact

Proximus helped Goodplanet to take the first steps in IoT and answer the need for activity impact measurement


Module collects water consumption data

Maddalena understood the market’s need for connected meters. They teamed up with Kerlink to create a LoRaWAN™ add-on radio module

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